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Vedapulse integrates complementary medicine, i.e. so-called “belief treatments” within the same basic origin. Many of the parameters kept in the lips receive a medically more acceptable explanation.

Unfortunately, the finnish medical association is very slow to embrace new ideas. They say alternative therapies are wellness services based on placebo effect, because these therapies lack scientific proof. But if also animals get better after cam treatment, that nullifies placebo theory. And also some of complementary therapies lack scientific research evidence because of lack of research money. And many of these therapies have long-time evolutional  history;  even thousands of years. Compared to that modern medicine is a very young “case”. 

In Finland they are making a law to control the work of cam professionals. That would increase beaurocracy and work load of ordinary doctors who should then be in regular contact with complementary profs. 

Background of new discovery

The Russian space physicists, led by Oleg Sorokin, called the Indian Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine masters to find common roots in these disciplines. (At this moment in view, there is a prevailing perception that these pupils are far from one another without connecting factors). Sorokin himself is not a physicist, but he worked with physicists.

Co-peration resulted in the discovery of an ancient common theory base.. Oleg Sorokin’s physicist drew up a software that uses this common theory base. The same science base can be extended to almost the entire alternative therapies field. According to this theory functioning of heart tells almost everything about health.

The main points

Vedapulse is a result of long work, which, in its base unit, measures the heart’s ECG signal from the wrist for 5 minutes, analyzes, and prints academic “doctor information” alongside alternative information. The Ayurvedic dosha theory has been kept on the lips, but Vedapulse calculates the spectrum from the ECG and divides the spectrum into three parts, which correspond to Doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha. This is how Ayurveda becomes commonplaceTo put it quite precisely, the calculation of that frequency spectrum contains more than just the Fourier Transformation: All the computational algorithms used relate to the recording of the heart rate interval variation in both the frequency and time domains. (i.e., covered by the general concept of Heart Rate Variability (HRV)). Likewise, Vedapulse calculates the energy field of the meridians of the Chinese medicine, which is treated as an ECG, and even the energy “aura” of human beings. This allows the energy healer to orient his treatment optimally. Program extensions are among others. For yogis and dietary advisers.

In one scientific study the dosha profiles (vata,pitta,kapha -balance) were measured with both Vedapulse and the traditional finger method. In 85% of cases the measurement gave same output.

Some scientists say there is a difference between traditional measurement and Vedapulse measurement: Doing it traditionally you measure mechanical force, but doing it with Vedapulse you measure electrical voltage. Well, they both reflect functioning of the heart.


alternative medicine vedapulse medical doctor

Vedapulse’s “father” Oleg is in the middle.

Scientific links

Andrew Duncan’s article:

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Vedapulse for health pro’s:

Vedapulse message– Reducing

  • The result of cooperation between Russian space physicists, Oleg Sorokin, Indian Ayurvedic masters and Masters of Chinese Traditional medicine.
  • The basic idea: by measuring the electrical activity of the heart, almost all health information can be obtained from human
  • The heart rate variation is the most basic measured variable. (HRV technology.). Frequency spectrums.
  • Many of the integrative medicine treatment variables that are considered to be huh are reduced to everyday heart
  • Finns trust more with the device than humans. At least the Ayurvedic consultant’s popularity grows markedly if you use Vedapulsea.
  • Vedapulse is a computer program supplemented with electrodes and a coupling unit.
  • The most appropriate program for extensions is the needs of a very multi-choice treatment: Ayurveda, acupuncture, yoga, aromatherapy, herbal therapy, nutritional counseling, energy therapy, naturopath etc. etc.
  • Vedapulse would suit also to an ordinary doctor as a supplementary adviser. Vedapulse does not give any therapy. It just gives recommendations. 


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