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Kari’s “Uggs” !

Do the big eagles fly high or vice versa? People who always want to stand out from the crowds and walk their own paths will say that the big eagles are flying high, meaning that they are already advanced souls that do not entertain the crowds. Well, many socially advanced advanced souls who enjoy being in a group consider their belonging to a group (s) a natural thing. I pursue the idea that being in…

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ECG HRV -technology and Ayurveda

An ECG is an abbreviation for electrocardiogram or electrocardiography. It is therefore so-called. heart film and its measurement. Both the Vedapulse meter and the cardiac monitoring devices in hospitals measure the same thing with the same measurement principles, the electrical activity of the heart. So the actual electronic events are in the heart, but they are reflected in, for example. to limbs (hands and feet). In Vedapulse, electrodes (measuring sensors) are placed on the wrists,…

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People are different. Really !!.

  In the light of Vedic astrology: Not everyone understands this fact. The Ayurvedic master may fall into over-generalization as he twists the three doshas back and forth. Only Vedic astrology contains a sufficient number of basic human types. There are 8 planets and 12 rooms. When all the possible combinations are calculated, there are many different astrological birth charts. It is said that some Indian libraries have compiled character interpretations of all possible birth…

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The gobbledygook is tricky !!!!

  problem of smart people It will probably become familiar to all of us at the latest when making a difficult tax return. The gobbledygook language is NOT the only way to communicate, but too common because it is difficult to understand. Ayurvedically, the  gobbledygook language comes from the fact that intelligent people want to brilliantise with their own intelligence, which is at least related to a previous “intellectual mistake” I discussed earlier in my…

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School medicine is accurate?

  After all, school medicine is accurate at least? Or is it? This is a true story, which is why the protagonist wants to remain anonymous: Claim: School Medicine Is Exact and Accurate? Well, Mr X had an earache, but the ear doctor couldn’t find a problem with his ear. Mr. x went to the dentist. The dentist patched the hole he found and said the ear pain was due to this hole. This dentist…

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The purpose of life

    Maharishi – a happy man According to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the purpose of life is to grow happiness. Many philosophers use various descriptions of the purpose for which man is developing. They are all right in their own ways. That one and the right cannot be put into one word. The word happiness is especially foreign to the Finnish folk character, so let us use it especially here, so that the over-the-top mourner…

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