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Vedic wisdoms are 5000 years or more old. Real ” wellness medicine “, when every dosha is balanced and ama is removed by Vedic science. The author has his strong personal opinions about how this natural science should be taught..

1. Short biography about author/ rights reserved Ayurvedakonsultti Kari Nokela :

higher university degree FK (corr. M.Sc), physicist, knower of holistic health care , Finland , Kuopio , for questions contact

1.1 Fresh news from Russia 

According to the information I have received, ayurveda has gained official status in the Russian state. The exact degree of “stateization” I did not tell, because in Russia the whole bureaucratic structure is so different than in Finland. 

2. What is Ayurveda ?  

It is the world’s oldest organized health care system, originated from India, put into written form thousands of years ago. The basic philosophy of Ayurveda, “translated” into modern language is: “Both matter (=body) and mind are born from non-material, Unified field of consciousness. A healthy man has a balance between mind and body and this balance is reflected in the functioning of the heart. Keywords of Ayurveda are “be happy”, “be simple”, “take it easy”, “and be balanced”. If you are unhappy or stressed, that is a consequence of unbalances or unwanted physical materials somewhere in your mind-body system. We can say Ayurveda is a science of life. We can also say inner intelligence controls man’s biology. Maharishi Ayurveda is founded by Indian spiritual Guru Maharishi Mahesh yogi. MA is known to be very scientifically studied using western medical research methods, but generally speaking it does not differ very much from the “mainstream” of ayurveda learning systems. Ayurveda is NOT symptoms oriented like conventional treatments are. Ayurveda treats the root of disease .

2.1 Learning of it can be compared to going to school – “first things first” 

There are easy basic things and then difficult “high school” things. It is ideal to learn things in a certain order, just like in school. First graders first learn to read and count. The sixth grade is already practicing equations, the mere existence of which would be quite a mystery and a wonder to the first grade. And then high school is facing integration and logarithmic equations. Maharishi Ayurveda is my learning system. It is “tailored” to the needs of Western “hurricanes”. In my training, first-graders were told to first remove ama, that is, to eliminate the improperly digested and into bloodsteam absorbed poisonous food remains out from body. (as told by my educator Medical Doctor Nancy Lonsdorf, USA.). In putting gastro-intestinal tract in good shape one needs above all right spices like ginger in many cases .  Lonsdorf is one of the world top “stomach” specialist  

2.2 Of course, the strongest ones, meaning 20% of beginners

can go straight to the upper grades if they have very good digestion . REMOVING ama (or Malas) IS EASY AND THEREFORE FITS EVERYONE. There is no need for an Indian lifestyle to remove ama . In fact, for an Ayurvedic school student, the Indian lifestyle is only about a high school issue. Practice shows that the word India alone expels 30% of potential customers and the word “Indian way of life” drives the other 30%. A word pair is an abomination to a  first-rate student, as is a logarithmic abomination to a beginner. Generally speaking, nobody wants to change their lifestyle.

Everybody just wants those benefits. This is how ayurveda becomes simple and easy. How about ayurvedic herbs and spices from a shop  ? Well, Commercial shops are full of really expensive herbs and other preparations and in my opinion a beginner does not need them much. Maybe Ama cleanser is most useful? In my opinion herbs may not even function, if Malas is too high. 

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Ayurveda tells how to eat and live according to natural law

4. What are common ayurvedic treatments ? 

It is based on anthroposophic human image.   Thus it is a typical integrative medicine practise. It was founded by Indian Guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi about 70-20 years ago. (More about this later) It is an ancient, millennium Indian wisdom. It is a preventive, holistic and organic health care system. It emphasizes the right quality, individual diet, the right way to spice for digestion and herbs for health promotion. Ayurvedic food is very delicious. It is primarily a nutritionist for the yoga and the meditator, but it is also suitable for other people interested in their health. Specifically,  ayurvedic ” medicine ” contains a total of 40 areas, the most important of which are meditation, yoga,  nutrition and Vedic astrology . Balance between mind and body is the ultimate goal of the practises. We can also say, that our inner intelligence guides all biological processes and Ayurveda nourishes and balances this intelligence. In long run Maharishi ayurveda helps man to evolve towards the ultimate goal of all purposes of life – the enlightenment; using 100-percentage of brain and body capacity; perfect health.

4.1 The core message of vedic medicine 

is the elimination of profound imbalances and contaminants underlying the diseases, resulting in a large number of diseases being prevented or improved in advance. It is a doctrine of prevention. It is NOT symptoms oriented. Behavioral rasayana: Maharishi Ayurveda includes a variety of guidelines and specialties. Among other things, the behavioral story is as follows: ”” Speak the sweet truth. That’s a quote from Indian Guru. It is worth emphasizing that “sweet” word, because at least in places like Facebook, it is always possible to tell the truth in every situation, so that it does not violate the listener. Every human message has at least a seed of truth. That seed just should get bloom in a beautiful way. For all the truth is after all beautiful. Some examples of ailments that cause people to seek Ayurveda counseling are depression, anxiety, digestive problems, endless fatigue, and “lack of life”.

4.2 ama test and treatments 

Inadequate functioning of gastro-intestinal tract leaves some of the food mass unmelted. This substance, ama,  is absorbed from the gastrointestinal system into the bloodstream and into all tissues by the veins of the logs and causing diseases. ama or Malas has two species: large molecules and free radicals. Excessive malas causes eg. long-lasting unexplained fatigue, lack of “posture”, morning mild white secretion on the tongue. Malas problem is handled by normalizing the stomach functioning , whereby digestive “fire” increases and toxicity production stops. There are also special cleaning courses or treatments like Panchakarma.

Actually this toxicity can be classified also to deep and superficial Malas. 1) First of all don’t eat or drink anything cold. All cold stops digestion and increases ama accumulation. 2) Don’t eat anything hard to digest -food. For example raw food diets are mostly not good at all. 3) Use individually chosen spices like ginger for example . 4) Don’t waste your money on expensive health shop herbs  This is how it becomes simple and easy. 

4.2.1 Digestive type determines the individual guidelines to heal gastro-intestinal problems

Digestive type is not always same than body type (about them later). If the type is kapha, constipation should be eliminated, if the digestive type is vata, there is sometimes constipation and sometimes even diarrhea. Even then, warm ginger water is suitable for most (not pregnant women, at least). . Prolonged digestive burns and stomach acids may come up to the throat. This is not good as some types of pitta praise.

Pittan should avoid burning and eat, for example, fennel and other peaceful digestive spices. Frequently consumed with hot water is good for the abdomen and the stomach. But pitta must drink lukewarm. AND TIPS FOR EVERYONE: Do not eat poorly digestible food. Avoid raw diets. There was some confusion about when diarrhea is due to long digestion and when to vomiting? Well Vata’s character is change, so Vata’s digestion sometimes has coughing stomach, sometimes constipation, sometimes brief diarrhea and sometimes what. But with pitta digestion, diarrhea is more intense and lasts longer.

4.3 Dosha theory :  the ayurveda test 

3 mind-body operators or body types or doshas dominate the body’s functions. They are Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Vata governs all, that moves or changes like nervous system for example. Pitta governs digestion and metabolism. Kapha governs tissue formation. If any of these is disturbed, diseasies will follow. Usually one of the three is dominant in every human being. Some have up to 2 or 3  abnormally strong. Vata problem makes for example either as an exaggerated whooper whistle or a full-throbbing thoughts that get out there and here. Pitta problem makes for example aggressive career missile. Kapha problem makes for example deeply paralyzed overweight. These kind of problems are mainly treated by eating foods that lower the particular dosha.

4.3.1 To be precise,

every dosha can be mostly at least  in 4 stages: 1) normal and not disturbed 2) over-dominating, but not disturbed. 3) over-dominant and disturbed. 4) not dominant, but still disturbed. (A real Vaidya knows even more stages). For example, if pitta is over-dominant, but not disturbed, person will be a successfull career “missile”. But if his/her pitta gets disturbed while being over-dominant, consequence is a NON-successful, quarrelsome, over-perfectionist, who claims other people about every disappointment in his life. Generally speaking, non-disturbed dosha gives the opposite effects, than the same dosha disturbed. A healthy kapha person is very courageous and fears nothing, but when his kapha gets disturbed, he becomes a very fierful, paralyzed person. And if vata is ok, person is happy and joyous, but when vata becomes disturbed, person is very cautious, secretive and unhappy.

4.3.2 The ancient way

of assessing the levels and disturbances of doshas is by  pulse reading test  ( dosha test Chopra ). However, nowadays also Vedapulse technology may give satisfactory results??. Actually the finger pulse reading is usually done by other person (Vaidya) rather that person himself. The very good Vaidyas can read also the amount of Ama with the same test . But in that particular Chopra article self pulse reading is shown. The “first aid” dosha test is a multiple choise questionnairy. You can find one in almost all  yoga related sites nowadays.
 United States health vata pitta kapha yoga
According to dosha theory, the functions of the body are dominated by 3 basic “ideas”. Vata, Pitta and Kapha


4.3.3  “ ayurveda test ” based on feelings

  • Is your feeling overwhelmed and restless. Do you go “overdrive” and have a hard time stopping? Or maybe you’re feeling very emotional and can’t stand “rough” people near you? Insomnia bothers you? Is there sometimes constipation and digestive problems and then again even a slight diarrhea? Do your moods fluctuate quickly from side to side? ANSWER: You may have a Vata problem. Avoid apples and strong spices (except ginger and black pepper), Prefer acidic and oily foods. Prefer sweet foods like pasta and rice. Dairy products can also be good for you. You can also eat table salt briskly, IF you feel like it.
  • Are you an intellectual person? Do you hold fast to principles such as “let everyone take care of themselves”. You have a good ability to concentrate. You have a strong competitive edge and want to be the best in everything? ANSWER: You may have a pitta problem. Avoid strong spices and flavors. Prefer sweet and oily dishes such as pasta. (However, do not put ketchup in the pasta). Prefer sweet fruits such as banana and watermelon. Coconut products, zucchini are good for you. Try to be more merciful to yourself and others.
  • Are you fearless and prone to being overweight (Being overweight is not always related to kapha !!). That fearlessness can manifest itself e.g. so that you don’t even “hook” for fear of something. You’re not very interested in “home eagles all over the world,” you prefer to cook at home. You don’t like the variation in your life. ANSWER: You may have a Kapha problem. Get a variation in your life. Avoid dairy products and sweet foods. Also avoid acidic and salty and fatty foods. Prefer apples and other “light” foods

4.3.4 When should you visit Maharishi Ayurveda health center ?

Answer is “whenever you are really sick and/ or you have enough money for it”. I have personally got panchakarma treatment in Maharishi ayurveda clinic 4 times. In those days I had severe mental problem, but nowadays problem has vanished. Those treatments were really really expensive – thousands of euros. Scientific research shows clear benefits from getting treated in MA clinic

4.4 Balance theory:

The balance of man is regulated by several hundreds of mechanisms. For example, if blood pressure drops, the mechanism starts to raise it and vice versa. Vedic techniques restore the functioning of the mechanisms and result in a balance in the whole body. All Ayurvedic treatments normalize the balance mechanisms. For example a beginning yoga practitioner should not go too fast into difficult positions or asanas. The “extremes” in yoga are “not going forward at all” and “going forward with maximum speed”.  And a jogger should run with half speed, because the two extremes in running are zero speed and full speed.

5. 6 Areas of health by Medical Doctor Stuart Rothenberg

  1. physical health
  2. mental health (The working area of psychiatrists form example)
  3. spiritual health (the area of meditation for example)
  4. Social health (human relationships mostly)
  5. Environmental health (toxicity in body, living conditions and surroundings etc..)
  6. The Guidance of Supreme (the way you don’t want to scream it to all other people !)

6. a short blog 

Ayurveda is a wide variety of advisers for many. You’ve probably heard stories of families where each family member has their own different food intake according to body types, etc. Many people use enormous amounts of nerve energy and time to follow all kinds of special instructions. In my opinion, the instructions should be set in order of priority and ease. Whenever it becomes stressful, it tells the wrong thing about past attempts. The social dimension must also be remembered. Many are so excited that they start telling their friends what specialty food to use. Well, no one dares to invite this person to visit, when the hostess desperately thinks, “What can it offer now when it’s a special diet?”.

7. What is Jyotish ?

My specialty is Jyotish Consultation. This kind of astrology IS NOT THE SAME THAT IS TREATED IN FINLAND. I am one of the few Finnish, which is dominated by it. . Especially in the years 2015-2017, I created interpretations via Facebook for hundreds of demanding Indian customers.  NOTICE: This discipline is one part of Ayurveda, which is “the whole life” to Indians and astrology is part of the whole life naturally, say Indians.



 jyotish Kari Nokela  vedic astrology
Ancient sacred information over 5000 years ago


FORWARD FOR THE NEXT 5 YEARS. (this is only “partial truth” because many important planetary layouts are not included) On the subject: Beginning January 24, shortly, Saturn will move to its own sign in Capricorn. Well, any planet in its own sign is a good thing. Saturn above all STABILIZES people’s lives, especially at the state level. There will be more honest values ​​in international politics. values. For example, Donald Trump-like phenomena were typical when Saturn was still in its previous sign in Sagittarius.

The downside of the Sagittarius sign is “arrogance” Thus, in US politics too, Trump-like phenomena will soon recede and be replaced by more caution and outrightness. So what do those 5 years mean to individuals? The answer is that it depends on the person. the map. Personally, I have Plush coming because in these past years Saturn has been heavily harassing the Moon of the Birth Map. Well, that’s it. No when you go, say grandma in the snow !!

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