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My company name is Ayurvedakonsultti Kari Nokela officially in finnish

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blogs : Wonderful morning

There have been feeling so good that I have been able to work under a couple of less important repair work on the website. Well, I got them done in a couple of hours and the rest of the day is full of cosmic possibilities; that is to say, there is nothing to be agreed upon or to get ahead of the calendar. I told you a long time ago that one Indian top astrologer (at least to advertise being “top” and selling his services worldwide) told me that he would be coming from the third day of November (3/11/2019) on the “Bill Gates” astrology period. So he called that one that the Indians called Vedic names, probably by his own name, “Bill Gates.”

The episode will last for a couple of months and I hear my life during that episode will resemble that of a millionaire. WHEN AN AUTHENTIC INDIAN GIVES A FUTURE TO THE WESTERN, HE ALWAYS PROMISES ALL THE WORLD’S WONDERFUL AND MONEY TO THE SKY. My interpretation of that age lived in Indian culture BELIEVE they do every Westerners to be only and only after money runners. Then, when one sometimes gets to speak to those Indian astrologers and ask “what’s going to happen to my Spiritual growth over the next year or so?”, The Guru may even go silent at first because the question came so suddenly. It has never occurred to the guru that the WESTERN could understand something such as spiritual growth, etc. Well, that’s just the case now.

Some are sensitive and some are not.

The typical kappa is the least sensitive. For example, war heroes are often kaphos when they cannot fear anything. In everyday life, Kapha is the one who goes from one day to the next without changing. If you want to get the attention of a Kapha person with something unexpected or new, you almost have to “hit the treadmill” for Kapha to wake up.

Thus, Kapha is not at all sensitive, for example in the so-called. for supernatural things. He would rather cook at home than go out for a night out with a spiritualist club. Pitta is the one who most SPEAKS himself to be a war hero if he is involved in war. Pitta is often the very self-centered type who thinks that the blame for the hardships is always on someone other than himself. Pitta may be sensitive in the sense that the stomach is diarrhea or overreacting to other people’s annoying behavior.

Thus, pitta is the most susceptible to controversy, but does not carry resentment for long. Pitta WOULD LIKE to be sensitive to supernatural things as well when you are involved in that sort of outfit. Pitta when you always want to be the BEST in every respect, including in an occult club meeting. Vata is really sensitive. A decent cotton always has a variety of genuine areas of experience, such as the sensitivity to experience astrological planetary influences, or the sensitivity to sense other people’s emotions, and sometimes even other people’s true motives. If, for example, Vata and Pitta meet, Vata will instinctively speak to chatter about the subject matter that is close to that particular Pitta person. The latter was an extreme example that I recognize within myself, because I happen to be very vatican. point. das point.

I remembered snippets

from my youth when I was just starting a spiritual path in my life. Whenever I was dealing with more experienced people in the industry, I was the first to think that I sometimes come “as it is”? or “should I become like that other one?”. (One of the most important types of learning in my teacher training was model learning.) Well, at least in the early years, I went through a great deal of model learning. I always tried to repeat the same formula as much as someone more experienced in the field. If any man in the field was always stiff and serious like a fence pillar, then I was right in trying to keep myself from being a fence pillar. Well for a moment I could start modeling, for example, Henrik Kangas, who at least at that time was a casual, open-minded, gentle man.

Well, it’s a difficult thing to take a model from humorous people if you are distracted and depressed. Well, with such a long run backwards, even the lasting psychic vata of stubborn and true men were left behind. Yes humorHenrik’s molding left some manners to me, but more tolerable hopefully. Bringing people to the last Personality has only really become clear to me through astrology. (I have to get an intellectual logical justification for every thing and astrology gives those arguments.) In the light of my history above, it is understandable that any appreciation and ranking of other people using BAD MEASURES will cause me pain. By bad metrics, I mean, for example, that the number of visits a person has to India OR the syllabus and something else is a valuable criterion. Thanks for letting me go again !!!!

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