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Vedic wisdoms are 5000 years or more old. Real ” wellness medicine “

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According to the information I have received, ayurveda has gained official status in the Russian state. The exact degree of “stateization” I did not tell, because in Russia the whole bureaucratic structure is so different than in Finland. Ayurvedic Conqueror Kalevi Lehtonen knows the most.

Learning ayurveda can be compared to going to school.

There are easy basic things and then difficult “high school” things. It is ideal to learn things in a certain order, just like in school. First graders first learn to read and count. The sixth grade is already practicing equations, the mere existence of which would be quite a mystery and a wonder to the first grade. And then high school is facing integration and logarithmic equations. Maharishi Ayurveda is my learning system. It is “tailored” to the needs of Western “hurricanes”. In my training, first-graders were told to first remove ama, that is, to eliminate the undigested and into bloodsteam absorbed poisonous food remains out from body.

Of course, about 20% of beginners can go straight to the upper grades if they have digestive fitness. REMOVING ama IS EASY AND THEREFORE FITS EVERYONE. There is no need for an Indian lifestyle to remove ama . In fact, for an Ayurvedic school student, the Indian lifestyle is only about a high school issue. Practice shows that the word India alone expels 30% of potential customers and the word “Indian way of life” drives the other 30%. A word pair is an abomination to a first-rate student, as is a logarithmic abomination to a beginner. Generally speaking, nobody wants to change their lifestyle. Everybody just wants those benefits.  (Later I will tell more about different kind of Ama ‘s)

My personal history with the traditional Indian natural healing and Jyotish ( = Vedic astrology )

It all started in 1982 when I learned meditation. It naturally opened my consciousness to deeper things. Jyotish hobby began in 1985 and Ayurveda 1988 (approx.). Both remained for decades at the level of intense personal hobby, until in 2011 I began to make Jyotish interpretations professionally or at least full-time for genuine demanding Indian customers via Facebook. The job took 4 years, until I got tired of the indifference of the Indian: They had no money to pay for my work. When it was “Matti’s purse”, I had to look for a more profitable job. My“Official” Jyotish training is limited to a couple of high-end weekend seminars. I started to work Ayurveda professionally in the autumn of 2017 when I went to a one-month course. 


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Ayurveda tells how to eat and live according to natural law

What is it actually?

Ayurveda is based on anthroposophic human image. Thus it is a typical alternative medicine practise.

It is an ancient, millennium Indian wisdom. It is a preventive, holistic and organic health care system. It emphasizes the right quality, individual diet, the right way to spice and herbs for health promotion. Ayurvedic food is very delicious. It is primarily a nutritionist for the yoga and the meditator, but it is also suitable for other people interested in their health. Specifically, Ayurveda contains a total of 40 areas, the most important of which are meditation, yoga,  nutrition and Vedic astrology.

Ayurveda includes a variety of guidelines and specialties. Among other things, the behavioral story is as follows: ”” Speak the sweet truth. That’s a quote from Indian Guru. It is worth emphasizing that “sweet” word, because at least in places like Facebook, it is always possible to tell the truth in every situation, so that it does not violate the listener. Every human message has at least a seed of truth. That seed just should get bloom in a beautiful way. For all the truth is after all beautiful.

Some examples of ailments that cause people to seek counseling are depression, anxiety, digestive problems, endless fatigue, and “lack of life”.

ama theory:

Inadequate digestion leaves some of the food mass unmelted. This substance is absorbed from the intestine into the bloodstream and into all tissues by the veins of the logs and causing diseases. ama has two species: large molecules and free radicals. Excessive ama causes eg. long-lasting unexplained fatigue, lack of “posture”, morning mild white secretion on the tongue. ama problem is handled by normalizing digestion, whereby ama production stops. There are also special cleaning courses like Panchakarma. Actually ama can be classified also to deep and superficial ama. The deep ama is very difficult to get rid of and needs Panchakarma and other special detox treatments. My ama measures are mainly for superficial ama , which however, often is also a big negative health load. 

Body type theory : ayurveda test = dosha test = body type test

3 mind-body operators dominate the body’s functions. They are Vata, Pitta and Kapha. If any of these doshas is disturbed, diseasies will follow. Usually one of the three doshas is dominant in every human being. Some have up to 2 or 3 doshas. Vata problem makes for example either as an exaggerated whooper whistle or a full-throbbing thoughts that get out there and here. Pitta problem makes for example aggressive career rage. Kapha problem makes for example deeply paralyzed overweight. Dosha problems are mainly treated by eating foods that lower the dosha.  The ancient way of assessing the levels and disturbances of doshas is by  pulse reading (finger method). However, nowadays also Vedapulse technology may give satisfactory results.

     vata pitta kapha yoga    


According to Dosha theory, the functions of the body are dominated by 3 basic “ideas”. Vata, Pitta and Kapha

Balance theory:

The balance of the body is regulated by several hundreds of mechanisms. For example, if blood pressure drops, the mechanism starts to raise it and vice versa. Ayurveda restores the functioning of the mechanisms and results in a balance in the whole body. All Ayurvedic treatments normalize the balance mechanisms.

Is boundary information related to ayurveda? The short answer is, yes, because the ‘root causes’ of the doshas are in a unified field that is not yet recognized by the scientific world. This emphasizes, that ayurveda has anthroposophic human image .

blog – ama removal first:

Ayurveda is a wide variety of advisers for many. You’ve probably heard stories of families where each family member has their own different food intake according to body types, etc. Many people use enormous amounts of nerve energy and time to follow all kinds of special instructions. In my opinion, the instructions should be set in order of priority and ease. I specialize in first-time consultation. First of all, there are a few realistic and realistic, but still the most important and most important instructions.

It is only when a person has learned to live with these first-aid instructions that the “weight factor” is increased and that also gradually and hastily. Whenever Ayurveda becomes stressful, it tells the wrong thing about past attempts. The social dimension must also be remembered. Many are so excited that they start telling their friends what specialty food to use. Well, no one dares to invite this person to visit, when the hostess desperately thinks, “What can it offer now when it’s a special diet?”.

Ayurveda also forbids talking during the meal, but at work, when a job drill is eating and talking a lot at the same table, it is not worth starting to nourish that “I am not talking now when I eat”. Better to flex and speak in the same way as others. My training emphasized the importance of digestion. 80% of the diseases are caused by digestive problems. The non-digestible food substance is absorbed from the intestine into the bloodstream and becomes so-called  ama . Ama must first get rid of the body before you can start other types of instructions. I don’t sell any expensive products myself, so I’m not tempted to offer an expensive special product unnecessarily to the customer.

Some Ayurvedists directly start measuring the Vata / Pitta / Kapha balance and provide instructions to correct this balance state error. Well, such instructions sometimes don’t work if ama is still too much.There are also those who begin to dig out thick millennia from old doctrines to herbal guidelines for the “exacting” of diseases. Well this is not really Ayurvedic anymore. The Ayurvedic core message is the elimination of profound imbalances and contaminants underlying the diseases, resulting in a large number of diseases being prevented or improved in advance. It is a doctrine of prevention. In most cases, the exact herbs do not work at all if there is too much ama.

The history of the traditional Indian natural healing shortly

It is a thousands of years old doctrine on organic holistic health care and disease prevention. Nobody knows how long ago this information was created, but 5000 years ago it was recorded on paper (or similar writing instruments) in India. The first and greatest setback for ayurveda came during British colonial rule. British hosts are cruelly and systematically trying to root out all doctrine in India and replace it with their own medical doctrines of colonial hosts.

Knowledge remained in its best form in some of the families who had lived in isolation. The information was mostly handed down from father to son because colonists prevented any other flow of information. It can be said that even in modern India, Ayurveda is very diverse and of varying degrees. Quite a few “clinics” work so poorly that a Western tourist who becomes a client gets out of treatment as sick as when they go there. In recent years, quality certifications have been developed to help the tourist choose the best treatment possible.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi systematically contacted the Indian tribes in the 50s and 60s where the information had remained purest. Together, they developed a great deal of knowledge, especially about the little changes needed in treatments to make them suitable for the urban rush. Maharishi’s teaching has been the subject of very high-quality scientific research at quality universities. The word Maharishi Ayurveda itself is a kind of “quality seal”.

What is Jyotish or Vedic Astrology? 

My specialty is Jyotish Consultation. Jyotish, or Indian astrology, IS NOT THE SAME THAT IS TREATED IN FINLAND. I am one of the few Finnish, which is dominated by Jyotish. . Especially in the years 2015-2017, I created interpretations via Facebook for hundreds of demanding Indian customers. 



 jyotish Kari Nokela 
Jyotish is an ancient sacred information over 5000 years ago

I make both Ayurvedic and Jyotish consultations, especially for people living in the Kuopio region, as a personal meeting, but you can also create a Jyotish Consultation via e-mail or Messenger all over the world. I also attend fair events. In September, the welfare fair in Kuopio Hall.A short astrological blogIndian astrology, or Jyotish or Vedic astrology, is the oldest form of astrology in the world. Believe it or not, but the form of astrology sold almost 100 percent in Finland is just a “special case” that was born only a couple of thousand years ago when Indian professionals taught the Greeks.

The Greeks, of course, are learning something, but for example they were left with the wrong information about what kind of zodiac or animal path should be used. At that time 2000 years ago, both the tropical and the sideline zodiac were “overlapping” in the same degrees. After that, they are slowly slipping past each other so that the step difference is now about 23 degrees. So, if you are a westerner, for example, a dagger, you are probably a twin according to the Indian. NO Lots of many other basics found.

To be comforted, the client does not need to understand at all about the previously mentioned theories in my consultation . In my consultations, the client eg. learns to be “an astrologer himself”, that is, to create an astrological map on his cellphone and read various basics on his cell phone. Of course, my own expertise is also shared with the client. So take your cell phone with you!Half an hour is 40 euros and an hour is 80 euros. available to people living in Kuopio always and elsewhere in Finland at their discretion via Messenger or Facebook. Also in English.



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