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2. blogs : How healthy ?

How healthy are raw seeds, raw grates and other raw food? Well, in Ayurveda, the food has to be very digestible so that Ama is not born. The digestibility of raw food varies, but the general rule is not to eat raw. On the other hand, it is true, especially some seeds are top nutritious. So you should soak those seeds in water overnight before eating. Soaking in water really works for many seeds and nuts. Many grated and other raw vegetables are also super healthy. So try to find moderation between extremes in dosing. And always use warm water as a drink and maybe a digestive spice that’s right for you.

2.1 “Hunger” blog.

(Written one fall “lack” day). What does Poor Man in Ayurveda Mean ?? Well, that’s what I’m going for right now. How to cope with it? Well, the bread rows mostly offer a piece of stale meat and even fresh breads. But there is no spirulina, no organically fermented seeds, and no other constants for a sworn health eater. But it is easy for the poor to keep fasts when it is compelled. Fasting gives posture to digestion and then removes the ama. And as the ama decreases, so does the lighter. However, the faster should eat some warm, very digestible broth food every day of the fast; preferably keep humiliating because fasting wants to raise keep true sensitively. It must also be said that for some diseases, such as Diabetes second, the onset of fasting involves an awkward transition before the body begins to roll properly. But one true thing I want to say to every poor man: Do not buy Ayurvedic herbal preparations, In them money is wasted; not a standard Ayurvedic consultant in his own business fund. Spices are ok, but herbs don’t give value for money

2.2 What is the difference between DHARMA and KARMA?

Well, the traditional Indian sighs that “Dharma is the religious duty of the individual” and “Karma is the earthly duty.” Well, suddenly to the ear of the Finn, both of them may sound funny. Karma means some kind of “drilling”, that is, officeing mainly. I guess everyone has some sort of “flaunting and completing things” path to carry. In astrology, Karma or PROFESSION can be found in room number 10. The status of that room on an individual’s map indicates the quality of that individual’s profession. So what about Dharma? First of all, the concepts of spiritual growth and spirituality known to Finns are foreign to an Indian. The Finnish language distinguishes between the concepts of religiousness and spirituality. The difference, at least, is that religiousness is more tied to the norms of religions. But for an Indian, both of the above are one and the same Dharma. In astrology, Dharma is found in room number 9. I was taught that it is basically a room of “support of nature.” So, if you have a good Dharma, nature will support your endeavors especially in spirituality and spirituality, BUT VERY OFTENLY it also gives a person a really easy life and money in a heap. I have done enough for many client horoscopes, that a strong Dharma people really were going well and easily. I know there is a place for many to wonder when religiosity, spirituality, spirituality and general good fortune are intertwined. But for an Indian, things are about self-evident. So much for the Dharma that the quality of the ninth room speaks to the basic nature of an individual’s religiosity. That in matters of faith is harsh towards oneself or a jovial humorist, for example.

2.3 “Power” of the dieter

The miracle substance apple is a good helper for many conditions of fatigue and overweight, especially in spring and wet weather. Why? Well, in ayrveda, the taste and properties of the food are decisive. There are 6 flavors and the apple with its pungent taste reduces the tired and fattening kaph dosha. There are also half a dozen characteristics and the basic characteristic of an apple is lightness, which is a counterbalance to the fatigue of a tired person. But an apple can become a nuisance if, for example, a nerve-sensitive vata eats it. After all, vata is characterized by lightness and it only gets worse with the lightness of the apple. For some people, the apple is too strong, so you can also try a pear, which in Ayurveda is related to the apple.

2.4 Last month’s blog :

It is again Thursday full of hope. The pension popped up again, so I went to eat at a little more expensive place. As a gracious delicacy, I always get “extras” for eating sweets. Well, according to Ayurveda, both the lust and the more steady-state caused by the larynx are mainly Vata or someone would call vata a problem. The doctrine here is admittedly ambiguous because on the other hand, according to Ayurveda, eating sweet raises Kapha and during that time Kapha fattens. It remains unclear whether the obesity problem is now mostly caused by Vata or Kapha.

Well, all the teachers in the field that I know first know that obesity is caused by Kapha, and you can get rid of it by removing Kapha. But then when these gurus begin to “interrogate” more closely, they eventually find that there are many kinds of overweight. There is kaphay overweight and there is also vatay overweight, not to mention the tall type of weight. That’s why mi Ulta always pulse a little nervous when people ask me about dieting help. Let’s just go back to the NOKELA DOCTRINE to shake off first and then only after other stuff. Of the world of publishing ayurvedic, only Nancy Lonsdorf, an American doctor, dares openly proclaim like I do. There may be other “keep it simple” people, but I don’t know.

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