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3.1 The use of Finnish SPICES is generally too low.

The norm for a work lunch is loaded full of kapha-enhancing ingredients such as rice and pasta. In the case of potatoes, the situation is unclear to me, but at least it is not a health food. Otherwise, that too would add kapha, but it has a lightness feature that leads in the other direction. So spices: That standard lunch is really heavy when it comes with the norm meat too. The main, but not the only, purpose of spices in Ayurveda is to prevent that excessive feature of pregnancy. Why? Well a heavy meal does not digest properly and indigestible food is absorbed into the bloodstream, becoming harmful to Ama. Why should Finns in particular use more digestive spices? Well, we live in a cold environment, the cold of which in itself slows down the functioning of the stomach, and in general, the cold increases the kapha, which is always detrimental to digestion.

3.2 The issue of the reliability of science, aside from the use of salt

When and when the medical truth of Western doctors is not on solid ground. so on a solid footing? If a Western doctor begins his lecture/presentation by referring to dozens of STATISTICAL studies, we are on “weak” ice. That statistical study could be, for example, “salt clearly raised blood pressure in 85 percent of subjects. Etc, etc.” EXPERIMENT – the word is a bad thing from the point of view of Western science, IF YOU WANT to show the validity of phenomena and claims. A proper and sound research result requires a physical-biological EXPLANATION / MECHANISM. If a Western doctor steps in to present his research with reference FIRST to the physical mechanism or explanation on the basis of which he has set out to statistically verify the accuracy of the information, there is already a more secure foundation. Let people follow the medical wording in the media and see if the news focuses on a) a statistical test result or b) a physical explanation.

3.2.1 Well is that table salt good or bad?

At least it is needed for inter-cell communication and elsewhere But this BASIC need is quite small. Today’s health politicians are trying to reduce people’s salt intake almost as drastically as the coronavirus: a joke. They aim for that need. Many statistical studies show that excessive salt intake actually increases the risk of a wide variety of diseases. physically, those studies are lame badly. That is, the reason is not known in all cases. According to AYURVEDA, the goodness and evil depend on the individual tendencies of the body. The non-Ayurvedic studies I mentioned earlier are rumored because the mechanisms are not known at the individual level. Too lively, restless, and hypersensitive the stomach clearly calms down with table salt. But the salt of prefectural intelligence pitta gets even worse off balance. Also overweight Kapha is gaining more salt. Some normative rules, such as “salt is detrimental to blood pressure,” are true, although neither of the scientific traditions I have mentioned knows the proper mechanism of the phenomenon.
In these studies, Western doctors lack just as much in-depth knowledge as Ayurvedists.

3.2.2  Ayurveda, proteins, fats/oils and carbon hydrates

Many ayurvedic start eating meat-free food too soon, and these same people often seem to shy away from milk because it is “unsuitable” for them. This kind of delicately results in protein deficiency, which the body tries to repair in any way. The best thing for them would be to get their milk back in even larger amounts (unless you are overweight). The quality of milk is the problem. Buy organic and BOIL it and then let it cool to about 40-55 degrees. Boiling improves the quality a lot. If you do not get enough protein at all, then it is better to eat chicken and fish alike. Carbon hydrates are needed in many ways. Almost all charcoal has a sweet taste that is good for soothing Vata and pita. In addition, many of the basics of Western nutrition science for coal use are understandable. But in Ayurveda, even the refined white sugar is sometimes in place in stressful life situations (Vata and Pitta). Blood Sugar Theories and Ayurveda, TO MY KNOWLEDGE, are still gloomy together.
Fats are needed, among other things, as lubricants in the gut to prevent constipation (in small amounts). Some edible oils, such as olive oil, are the best. In the Ayurvedic theory of fat, I have not considered this anymore. Well, of course fat quickly reduces the disturbed Vata dosha.

3.3 By the way, Gandharvaveda’s music is at its peak.

It took me many weeks that I didn’t remember playing it, but this morning I was spinning the record. It has been playing all day long in the background and now the “understanding” starts to rise. That increase in understanding amongst a group of student buddies was encouraged when the bottle of liquor was already halfway. Well, the same saying is better suited to playing Veda 40 years later. Witch Gandharva discs can be bought in many nuts. There is music guaranteed by Maharishita and any kind of Guru. All you have to do is test what works. I guess not everyone works as well ?? perhaps ?? Gandharva music has a special impact on emotional life, which many aromatherapy oils are also exposed to.

.3.4 Hi, it was great “flying” in the morning,

as I drove toward the city and the dwelling house of Minna. Miraculously, everything seemed as soon as I approached downtown. There are no cars on Minna Canth’s street at all. Magicians and Swallows only showed signs of life. Yeah, is this a post-nuclear bomb Kuopio, or what?. Well, at the door of the settler, a young Alone woman came to say, “Stay away,” live closer. Natives are now closed because of the virus. VCOE VOE, a terrible encounter for one costume is now on the City. Even the corridors of the health center are so empty that the yelping “sick people” stop spending about society’s money. Well, there was something bad to say, but I can’t think of anything else to say when trying to discourage moods in every single place with the fear of spending a dime.

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