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1. cardiograph heart rate meter – therapy module 

1.1 introduction

Hi! I am physicist FK Kari Nokela and I use Vedapulse products in Finland. (qualifier: The image above does not represent me).  This holistic health monitoring system measures the electrical hrv /  electrocardiogram  signal of the heart, analyzes it and prints a wide variety of health information like for example meridians for use in chinese medicine . The international company is in the background. HRV means heart rate variability , which is a very new method of calculating the overall central nervous condition of human. This page is dedicated to Dubai people, who are most active readers of my site. 

 ekg pulse reading
electrical signals from heart tell lot about overall natural health

1.2 How to read pulse in ayurveda ?

is a calm peaceful 5-minute wrist electrical voltage measurement. The voltage is routed through the electrodes and the coupling unit to the computer. This voltage, as a function of time, reflects the electrical activity of the heart. From this electrocardiogram (heart film) the computer calculates Spectrum in which the different frequency ranges correspond to Ayurvedic Doshas . Including The graphs of traditional Chinese Medicine mostly to acupuncture , nutritional advice and energy therapy are calculated from the same heart film.  The yoga instructor will benefit from the Vedapulse’s Yoga asana guidelines. In calculating the parameters, the “heart rate variability” (HRV) method is used:  frequency of pulse rhytm is in slight change throughout the time, and this slight variation is registered in both the time and frequency levels. (Do you have difficulty understanding? Don’t worry. Measurement is easy and understandable in practice.)

1.2.1 How reliable are the Ayurvedic dosha measurements ?

with Vedapulse compared to the traditional finger pulse reading?  (For millennia, ayurvedic measurements have been performed by feeling the wrist pulse with fingers). In studies in 85% of cases, both methods of measurement gave the same result. Why not then a hundred percent? It is very possible that the manual measurement is less accurate? Be difficult to obtain clarity without thorough scientific monitoring.

1.3 Vedapulse in Finland : Quote from Katin kauneuskulma’s pages:

The Vedapulse meter indicates the current Ayurvedic state of the person being measured; The balance of the Vata, Pitta and Kapha, the equilibrium of the body’s energy centers, the stress status of the body, the balance of the different elements and meridians, and the function of the parts of the body. Based on the measurement results, the program provides guidance on lifestyle, food and spices to help balance the body’s condition.

Pulse reading has been one of the most important methods of diagnosing Oriental medicine throughout the ages. The measurement combines Western technology with Oriental Medicine.
Scientists have developed an ECG-based medical measuring device from Asian medicine and cardiography expert Prof. Under the direction of Oleg Sorokin. The diagnosis is made from the pulse and cardiac curve measured from both wrists. The measurement corresponds to the Ayurvedic pulse reading.

You will get instructions and lecture results and instructions to beat the balance.

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3. Technology and prices

3.1 How much does it cost ?

The price varies from around € 1000 to € 20,000 depending on who you buy from and what modules you buy. The software consists of modules or sub-programs. Each module is specialized for a specific task. It has its own module for the energy healer, its own for the yoga teacher, etc. etc. For example, the energy healer comes with a pretty cheap “package”.  And the general advice the buyer really needs is a lot; especially if you are not a technically oriented person. It is a good idea to start the buying process by contacting a foreign sales organization. In addition to the parent company, a few others are praising their low prices.

3.2 What is required from a computer?

Vedapulse is a large software that needs a lot of memory. But the most critical factor is the performance of the graphics card. When buying a computer, pay attention to the quality of the graphics card. Yes, the sales company will tell you the multi-requirements of your computer when asked. Another question is to ask, what is required from the user of Vedapulse? At least it takes time to learn to use the device. Most difficult task is cutting off the unnatural variations from heart film, such as caused by physical or electrical disturbances or unnatural heart arrhytmias and other diseasies. 

3.3 Can I get an electric shock?

During the measurement, electricity travels from the heart through the wrists to the electronic switching unit and, through it, to the computer. Not in the other direction. If your computer would have a bad technical defect, it could not cause a higher than battery voltage. The computer operates at a voltage of 5 volts, which does not even create pain .

3.4 Are there rivals to Vedapulse ?

Yes, there are HRV based devices, such as polar watch , but none of them are based on complementary medicine variables. Vedapulse is unique. 

3.4.1. Other HRV based health measurement machines

There are 2 mostly used kinds of HRV measurements: a) Heart rhythm variations in time domain b) Heart rhythm variations in frequency domain. Veda pulse measures the heart’s electrical signals and calculates it in the frequency domain. SO here you can separate frequencies and analyze the variations of the merges much more precisely. For example, there may be an exact frequency for each disease. All other hardware machines, which you can buy for example from Amazon, are much simpler. But in any case even  the simple systems are good for e.g. the swimmers and other athletes.

3.4.2 Some HRV methods can also be divided into geometrical and statistical

4. An analysis by guest writer Mr. Khan : Vedapulse compared to other HRV heart monitors

4.1 introduction

 We were interested to find out what are some of the best heart rate variability (HRV) measuring heart monitor devices to use. Also, interested the analyze Vedapulse with other HRV devices.

 So we went out researching online for what are the top-rated & most recommended brands who make good HR monitor products to help measure your heart rate variability score that is available to buy online.

 First, we need to know, what is a Good Heart Rate Variability?

 HR variability, or HRV for short, is a measure of your autonomic nervous system that is widely considered one of the best objective metrics for physical fitness and determining your body’s readiness to perform.


 4.2 What is VedaPulse? How the heart rate is measured with this device?

 VedaPulse is an HRV technology-based health analysis key for specialists in balancing and alternative medicine. Electrical and mechanical incidences happening in the heart form external characteristics of the pulse wave.

 It’s also built on the fact that a pulse can show the state of liver, colon and other organs. This was well known by the ancient doctors.

 VedaPulse is a modern tool that now permits us to read the pulse with even greater exactness. VedaPulse analyzes the heart rate variability using mathematical methods. It allows approximating functions of particular organs and systems, as well as the patient’s health state in general.

4.2.1 More information about Vedapulse’s relations to ECG frequency spectrum analysis

in next page of this net site

 4.2.2 Which philosophies and how to use to analyze the heart rhythm?

 Heart Rate Variability analysis method, which is the basis for the algorithms of the VedaPulse system, is recommended by the European Society of Cardiology and North American Society of Pacing and Electrophysiology (1996).

 Install the program and connect VedaPulse to the computer. Place electrodes on the wrists. Register cardio signal for 5 minutes. The software evaluates the functional health state and creates recommendations for an individual rehabilitation program.

hrv devices heart rate
heart monitors ; polar watch


 4.3 Here is a list of HRV trackers on the market I reviewed for you to compare with VedaPulse.

 4.3.1.Polar H10 HR Sensor:

The Polar H10 Bluetooth HR Sensor is available on Amazon is the latest HR model available.

The H10 integrates with the Polar Beat app and can be used while swimming. You can use the H10 sensor to perform the 4 min daily orthostatic test through the Polar Vantage V watch to track your HRV average and recovery status each day.

 4.3.2Polar H7 Bluetooth HR Sensor:

The Polar H7 Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor available on Amazon is still a recommended HR sensor by all HRV app developers. Polar has been producing world-class heart rate monitors for exercise for more than 30 years since 1979. The H7 model integrates with the Polar Beat app, and tracks calories burned as well as heart rate. You can use the H7 sensor to perform the 4 min daily orthostatic test through the Polar Vantage V watch to track your HRV average and recovery status each day.

 4.3. 3.Garmin  HR Monitor Premium:

The Garmin Premium HR Monitor available on Amazon is a great alternative to the popular Polar models. In addition to making accurate health wearables, Garmin manufacture tracking and GPS devices for aviation, automobiles, and marine activities. Like the Garmin fitness trackers, the Garmin heart rate monitor uses a battery and does not require regular charging. It is on the less expensive side and maybe a practical option for more casual users.

 4.3.4iiii Viiiiva HR Monitor:

The 4iiii Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor available on Amazon is another good choice especially for swimmers as it is waterproof up to 3m deep water. 4iiii Innovations is a company run by athletes, for athletes. They are committed to improving sports performance and creating a safer world for athletes. Like the Garmin monitor mentioned above, the Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor uses a replaceable battery and does not need to be charged. Its most notable feature is its ability to integrate with any ANT+ sensor.

 4.4 .SUUNTO Smart HR Sensor:

The Suunto smart heart rate monitor is a sensor that you can monitor your HRV status using their ‘Recovery Status’ option built into the Suunto Ambit3 watch. The companies manual says this is the smallest Bluetooth Smart compatible heart rate sensor on the market. It is originally designed to pair with the Suunto Ambit3 Peak GPS watch and Suunto Moves count App to show you your HRV recovery status, heart rate, speed and GPS tracking. However, it can be used with other HRV apps, but only on iOS devices and not on Android.

 4.5 Device Compatibility with Your HRV App.

 Not all hr monitors are compatible with all HRV apps on either Android or iOS phones. It is always a good idea to double-check with your favorite HRV app developer to see what devices they recommend.

 One very popular HRV app is called Elite HRV, which is free for personal use and offers a paid upgrade for access to more features.

 Elite HRV App Recommended Devices are iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc.) and Android (Samsung, Nexus, etc.) and it’s compatible with ten different heart rate monitors, including:


Polar H10

Polar H7

4iiii Viiiiva

Suunto Smart Belt

Garmin Premium

 That is all, now you may decide which device fit for yours. 

5. The next is a series of sample prints with Vedapulse starting from the needs of the nutritionist.

veda pulse prints suitable and unsuitable food ingredients to eat according to individual vata – pitta – kapha -balance.


ayurveda counselor can read the dosha balances. Here is pitta problem as pitta is red. Kapha is marked as blue and vata as yellow.
meridians for use in TCM in general (traditional chinese medicine)
graphs for supplement seller


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