Who will benefit from Vedapulse? + Price?

Acupuncture, nurse

Yoga, teacher

Ayurveda, Consultant

Energy Therapy, professional

Dietary therapy,


Dietary supplement,



Personal trainer, etc.

And you must also remember that a) The Finns like the devices, the vedapulse increases the customerpower and b) One industry experts can expand their offerings. For example, an expert from almost any industry can take nutritional advice. Vedapulse prints an existing table of recommended and non-recommended food ingredients. There are many examples.

What is the cost of Vedapulse?

Vedapulse is a computer program that consists of a basic program and associated program extensions. The cost of Vedapulse depends on what program extensions need/wants.  The cheapest price varies from one sector to another. For example, the energy healer  survives fairly cheaply.  Sure, anyone can buy any of the “Goodies” or additional program extensions. The lowest level of the vedapulse price may be 2000 euros. Admittedly, the discount on sales in the days price can briskly fall. 

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