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The gobbledygook is tricky !!!! problem of smart people

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problem of smart people

It will probably become familiar to all of us at the latest when making a difficult tax return. The gobbledygook language is NOT the only way to communicate, but too common because it is difficult to understand. Ayurvedically, the  gobbledygook language comes from the fact that smart people want to brilliantise with their own intelligence, which is at least related to a previous “intellectual mistake” I discussed earlier in my other blogs (related to Indian Guru’s saying too smart people are too unhappy).

According to brain block theory, the gobbledygook language belongs to the over-dominance of the left brain block (or was it the right block?) In human thinking. In the scientific world, gobbledygook is a necessity for making too easy things sound more difficult. gobbledygook is a favorite child of agencies that hasn’t been ridden even though politicians have been preaching for decades. It may be because politicians themselves have to read too difficult law law for days, even if they do not understand anything.

Me and the problem – gobbledygook

MYSELF, the thing came to light when I found in my web page editor a gobbledygook language detector that, at least in the English text, graces the extract of the gobbledygook language sentences and lights up the red spotlight on the editor screen. Because my self-written text on my own website beeps “red” all too often. Even the Finnish text beeps very hard, but lame as if it were half-language. All of this writing started when one American company gave me such poor customer service text today that my blood pressure increased when I explained that you could clarify that and that point.

A bouquet of roses as a reward for an employee of PAYPAL, a major international bank. Today . Paypal sent me a message starting with “Armas Kari”, which means “Truelove Kari” in english.  What a fresh moment to read that someone can still avoid the tricky language !!!! Usually the banks start with “our good customer Kari Nokela” etc. but that “Armas” without a last name came straight from the sender’s heart. THANKS TO HIM.


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