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She probably has at least pear-like obesity. He speaks slowly and calmly philosophically. He probably doesn’t like people being talked about evil in general. He takes a very slow interest in new things, but once he does, he never forgets this. His life is very routine and surprising. There are not many problems with money because they can plan their lives well. Unsurprisingly and routinely, there is a danger that the kaphadosha will “creep” into his body. He should be properly “kicked” a little off his rails every now and then to get Kapha “kicked”. Your friend is likely to have constipation and slow bowel movements, so try your best to persuade your friends to inject powdered ginger into their meals even at relatively high doses. Your friend is used to habits. Sometimes try to get him out of the way by arranging, for example, a surprise trip to a destination he has never been to before. I have a kaphay friend who goes to Tallinn at least 6 times a year and always to the same bus company. I am now working to entice him to visit Stockholm, for example. It would be a new experience for him too. Ginger I have offered, but the fight is on. However, he has already admitted that he has eaten porridge with lots of ginger.

Why don’t men dare to attend ayurvedic consultations?

There are at least 2 reasons for this. On average, a man’s nervous system is rougher than a woman’s. The Creator has created “a man as a mover and a woman’s bathhouse guard”. The woman is created to cherish softer values. Another reason is the man’s ego. The man is afraid to get involved in something that other men might laugh at. I know ridiculous cowards in that regard. Admit that Ayurveda would do well for them, of course, but terrible panic strikes when it comes to taking the first step.

After all, school medicine is accurate at least? Or is it?

This is the real story, which is why the protagonist wants to remain anonymous: Claim: School medicine is accurate and accurate?Well, Mr X had an earache, but the ear doctor couldn’t find a problem with his ear. Mr. x went to the dentist. The dentist patched the hole he found and said the ear pain was due to this hole. This dentist also said that dental problems often translate into ear pain.Mr X’s ear pain did not heal. He went to another dentist. A new dentist found a faulty bite. Said that bite problems usually reflect up to ear pain. The doctor repaired the bite and said Mr X was now healing soon.But Mr X’s ear pain did not ease. He went to a top specialist in throat. The throat doctor found a problem on the back of his tongue, which he said often manifests as ear pain. Said the problem was inflammation, which heals itself within a couple of weeks. Now Lord X is waiting and wondering if he still needs another specialist to look at his trouble? And so this was a very fresh true story.

People are different. Really different.

Not everyone understands this fact. The Ayurvedic master may fall into over-generalization as he twists the three doshas back and forth. Only astrology contains a sufficient number of basic human types. There are 8 planets and 12 rooms. When all the possible combinations are calculated, there are many different astrological birth charts. May have opus thickness !! This was discussed with a friend of Helsinki, Vesa. After all, he tends to write down on a piece of paper almost every possible thing that comes up. Again, for my part, I never really take any notes. It was stated with Vesa that there is at least one fundamental difference in our astrological charts. There was talk of room 10. I told you that Saturn in the tenth room makes a man late: he always arrives a quarter of an hour late. Meanwhile, Mercury in my tenth room puts me always ahead of schedule. One yoga teacher (Sa in the tenth room) and I once held a joint course. When we had to go out to meet the Kurds together, I was already half an hour nervous about “starting to come”. This teacher was still asleep and agreed to wake up to five over and over again, “well no hurry, it’s just 10 degrees Celsius, yes they can still wait”. that nothing.

Homemade yogurt is heavenly good

According to Ayurveda, people need intestinal bacteria for digestion. However, Western ways of acquiring bacteria are problematic. For example, commercial yoghurts are far too heavy and produce ama. (Ama is an indigestible food that is absorbed from the intestine and causes disease in all tissues). The solution is homemade health yogurt.Buy homogeneous milk, if possible, and a small dose of plain bacterial yoghurt as seeds. Boil the milk on a stove until it is bubbly. Season with cardamom and allow to cool to 40-45 Celsius. Dispense one teaspoon of seed yoghurt for each glass of yogurt you intend into a thermos flask or special yogurt box. Pour over warm milk and stir. Put the lid on and allow the mixture to stand at room temperature for 5-8 hours. The longer the time, the more acidic the end result. Enjoy graduated health yogurt in one go. It cannot be stored. Leave a small amount of new seed in the refrigerator. etc. etc. Yoghurt can be diluted into Lassi. Lassi is a mixture of yoghurt, water and spices. You can try mixing relationships. You can also try different seasonings.

Something about relaxation techniques

Most relaxation techniques work hardly at all. The degree of relaxation is the same as if you were sitting with your eyes closed. In particular, concentration techniques will, in the long run, only create headaches and vata problems. And imaginative trips to the shores of some serene lake, etc., do not work for me at least.My experience is limited to two Warranty technologies. a) Transcendental Meditation, or TM, is a deep dive that, according to advertisements, develops all aspects of the human being, but in my experience, the effect of TM is very limited to the heart and emotions. (so in my experience).b) In my experience, the effect of pulse relaxation hits exactly where the TM does not reach, that is, the heart and emotions.In my experience, the two techniques are COMPLEMENTARY and the result is super!And remember, meditation and relaxation is the MOST important aspect of Ayurveda. They need to be learned before they can concentrate properly on, for example, Ayurvedic nutritional guidelines in practice.

ayurveda dosha theory:

This is the most well-known theory. It is based on the fact that the mind-body operators control the intangible transformation into the material creation process. They themselves are still on the intangible side, but are essentially in the intangible field. They thus control the connection of mind and body. Vatadosha controls all movement, such as signaling in the nervous system, blood circulation, food intestines, etc. Pittadosha controls digestion and metabolism and heat production, etc. Kaphadosha controls structure and tissue formation. For every human being, one of the three doshas is dominant. Some have up to 2 dominant dosha or aniharva all 3 are dominant. The dominant doshas determine the human body type, which is, however, preferable to the character type as it can change slowly with age. Each dosha can be “malignant” or out of balance or “benign” or balanced. For example, a balanced vatadosha makes a person happy, but an unbalanced vatadosha reverses this attribute, meaning that a person becomes very joyful. It can be said that the qualities of a balanced and malignant dosha are largely the opposite of each other. Vata is the most important of doshi. If the vata goes out of balance, the others will sooner or later follow. Dosh is balanced with all Ayurvedic therapies, but in my opinion, the removal of ama should begin first, and the balancing of the doshi should only begin after the removal of ama

Openness or secrecy?

Every now and then people who want to remain as anonymous as possible come across. That is, they want information about them not to be disseminated to others. I personally do not have a concrete interface with these people because anyone can share my information with anyone. I mean, I have no secrets. Maybe there is one, but one day I will reveal it too and it may be a little surprise to some. Well, it’s kind of awfully easy to live open. I couldn’t imagine a paranoid life where every second I wonder what this or that act tells me and what kind of “weapons” in the wrong hands give my imaginary or real opponents against me. It would probably be difficult to live that way. The paradox is that in this way, people who live in this way usually find my openness very dangerous to myself. After all, where does that concept come from? Another expression of anonymity is that people have different roles as they move around in different “circles”. Has a work role and a hobby role and a home role

Ayurveda equilibrium theory:

Everywhere in nature there is a tendency to balance the extremes. For example, the extremes of human foot movement are full rest and full speed running. The best thing about physical well-being is half-speed: you go on breathing. You should exercise caution when practicing yoga asanas. You should never stretch to the extreme with pain. If you are just starting out in yoga, it is a good idea to go slow in learning the movements.There are hundreds of mechanisms in the human body that have both 2 extremes and a point of equilibrium. For example, when the blood pressure rises, the mechanism begins to lower the pressure and vice versa. Similarly, almost all hormones have their own mechanisms that keep hormone levels within tolerable limits. In a perfectly healthy body, there is a perfect balance: every mechanism works perfectly and every concentration is ideal.Ayurveda practices such as yoga and meditation, as well as a proper diet, will achieve equilibrium prematurely.

The Deepest Theory of Ayurveda:

The unified field is the intangible source from which all the material universe and also life in its various forms originate. The Unified Field has its own structures and actors, but not more specifically in this context. When the unified field begins to create a new material life, it is under the control of mind-body operators, or doshi. (Doshat are the closest material entities to the intangible.) There is a constant exchange of information between the uniform field and the material world, as well as a “command exchange” in both directions. The material being / world consists of levels. First and foremost, the unified field information arrives at the DNA molecule level, etc. etc. The biological creation process goes through levels one by one, from finest to coarse. Eventually, information reaches the level of the whole human being and thus the levels of the human groups.

Collective awareness

Collective consciousness refers to the levels of groups of people. Sensitive people, when they reach a new group of people, are able to “sense” the positivity or negativity of this group of people. If an outsider comes to sit in a larger group of people practicing meditation and yoga, he will experience relaxation and increased mood optimism.


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