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1. Maharishi on the Human Development Process :

Enlightenment is the normal, natural state of health of the body and mind, says Maharishi . It is the result of the full development of consciousness and depends on the perfect and harmonious functioning of every part of the body and nervous system. When one uses the full potential of the mind and body in this way, every thought and action is spontaneously correct and life-sustaining. It is a life without suffering, a life lived in its full dignity and significance. Development towards enlightenment can be faster, if you practise transcendental meditation technique . Enlightenment is like ” finding way to home “.

2. purpose of life is happiness ?

According to Guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the purpose of life is to grow happiness. Many philosophers use various descriptions of the purpose for which man is developing. They are all right in their own ways. That one and the right cannot be put into one word. The word happiness is especially foreign to the Finnish folk character, so let us use it especially here, so that the over-the-top mourner also hears words different from the mainstream of the information flood. (Actually, when you do a Google search for example with words “purpose of life”, quite many search results say purpose of life is NOT happiness, as if they had read about Maharishi’s thougths???? Well, that is the age of ignorange or Kali yuga whispering).

Once again, just one word, happiness, is not enough to describe the whole truth, but for good reason Maharishi Mahesh Yogi launched it as his own “trademark”. There was a man on the last with a sense of humor, the “true ones” couldn’t keep up with him. But, of course, not all the advanced men need to cultivate a great deal of humor. All remain individuals despite the progress.

3. The basic steps of evolution

The two basic steps of development are rest and action, at least according to Guru Maharishi . The more sophisticated and refined the action, the more advanced it becomes. I’ll pass a closer examination of what it is to bring a “more refined” activities, because I have been angering many people who are beginning to conclude in their minds the degree of their own evolution based on what I have said. Resting  is a tricky place for many people when stress and rush get in the way.

But the fact is, rest is a must. Nothing helps, even if there is a “million” things to do. for the vata person the situation is the most difficult and for the kapha the easiest. vata is joking and grooming, so meditation is the number one thing, for example. Kapha, on the other hand, is calm and peaceful in most tough places (unless you happen to be disturbed by Kapha, who mostly resides in hospitals). Well, beyond this, my intentions today do not extend. Happy Wednesday everyone

3.1 What exactly is supposed to be mentally awakening to do for awkward relatives ??

Well karma for those inconveniences is often a lot loaded, so you have to just “swallow” in many cases, but not always. Even such a surprise may come from the fact that that inconvenience in relatives is basically one’s own accomplishment, that is, “it is enough to look in the mirror, that is where the essence of the problem can be found”. But not always at all. The spiritualization of man follows, to some extent, general laws, and at some stages it is MUST be kept at a distance from relatives and friends. Such periods are, for example, those when you learn something new at a fast pace but also become too sensitive when you learn. At that stage of sensitization, that distance may be mandatory. Then later you may notice to your surprise that that relative was not as brutal as you once felt.

4. Do the big eagles fly high or vice versa?

People who always want to stand out from the crowds and walk their own paths will say that the big eagles are flying high, meaning that they are already advanced souls that do not entertain the crowds. Well, many socially advanced advanced souls who enjoy being in a group consider their belonging to a group (s) a natural thing. I pursue the idea that being in or out of the group does not tell so much about the degree of human development. Even the most advanced people are individuals and the quality of individuality at birth is determined astrologically.
Some individuality gloom to work well in a group and others individuality gloom to lead one-man projects. Well, I personally have quite a bit of social disability, so much so that I have to run projects that don’t have the helper. I mean going my own way in astrology and ayurveda as well as in my own computer project. There would be a lot of bosses and commanders stifling my creative enthusiasm if I happened to live in Helsinki, for example .. Yeah, for once, being alone or not can often tell the degree of human development.

5. Next, I list a number of more or less reliable measures of how evolved a person is – Kari’s “Uggs”

One must always remember the influence of individuality and KARMA on these “measurement results”:
!) The most reliable measure is EEG coherence. If, in brain electrical measurement, the voltages between the various measurement points are synchronized to the same phase and over a wide frequency range, then the PERSON IS FULLY LIGHTED OR FULLY DEVELOPED.
2) A yogi’s sleep is a good indicator if one comes often or always. When you sleep with enormous feeling of love, but have deep rest at the same time, that is yogi sleep.
3) An advanced person always wakes up NATURALLY refreshed and rested in the morning at. 4-5 and naturally goes to bed at night. 10.

4) The sophisticated eats naturally healthy food and spontaneously at regular times. An underdeveloped person has a passion for the wrong kind of food.
5) The life of an advanced person is LIGHT and EASY. Underdeveloped is like a “worm poop” stuck in its own TOO important circles.
6) Advanced general health is excellent. Affects both physical and mental health. It is in this area that the law of Karma confuses matters for many.
7) The advanced man has “the guidance of the supreme” on his side, and he does not need to announce it with great sound to others.
Well, that’s where the Karis 7 “Uggs” came from, just like Luther once came to the Wittenberg Church wall. JOKE JOKE THIS LAST.

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