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My younger life was sometimes quite difficult, but in the last few years I have learned to enjoy even the “horrible” cheerful verbal lystin hold. I’m a word-ready media-oriented “Vata” persona. I write blogs into my facebook group.

Transcendental Meditation is the “basic salt” of my life. I learned to meditate in 1982 and it opened my consciousness among others. Ayurvedic and Indian Astrology. The Ayurvedic consultant I attended in 2017. I make both Ayurvedic and astrological consultations against payment whenever someone gets interested. Vedapulse has been a helper since the summer of 2018. Vedapulse is ideal for professional use as well as for home use. In home use it can monitor the daily development of their state of health and thus learn to feel better.

Kari Nokela’s blogs from Ama’s removal instructions

About four out of five people have digestion so much out of order,  that the first and most important ayurvedic treatment is the removal of ama, the non-digested food from the body everywhere. It succeeds in normalizing digestion and in addition there are ama purifying treatments. If the digestive type is kapha, constipation should be removed. If the digestive type is vata ( sometimes constipated and sometimes even diarrhea), for most people, warm ginger (not at least for pregnant women) is suitable. . A pitta digestive problem burns and may get stomach up to the throat. Such is not good digestion, as some types of pitta praises. Pitta’s must avoid the causes of burning and eat, for example, fennel and other peaceful digestive spices. Hot water often taken ingested is good for the kapha and vata stomachs. But for pitta you have to drink lukewarm. AND ALL GUIDELINES: Do not eat hard-melted food. Avoid raw food diets.

There was an ambiguity about when diarrhea was due to vata digestion type or pitta digestion type? Well, Vata’s character is a change, so stomach digestion sometimes has a staggering, sometimes constipated, sometimes short-lived diarrhea and sometimes anything else. But with pitta digestion, diarrhea is more intense and lasts longer.

blog :

Beware of the Summer hotness! What can happen to man in summer heat? Well, that’s what’s up in the pitta. If there is already a pitta person, the danger of the outburst of pitta is great. You just have to stay in the shade and eat food that lowers your taste. Well. First of all, avoid all the powerful flavors and spices. Pasta without ketchup and spices, according to my experience, is good, as are all coconut products and zucchini. The zucchini marrow made in coconut milk is a “pitta killer”. Bathing in cool water is acceptable. Well, what is an pitta person like? At least there is the actual hot-dipper and it is challenging. Scientific studies show that the hotter the air, the more violent crime is committed. Clearly undeniable science. It has probably been hot in the United States today, because in the computer world, even a few customer service personnel lost their temper or got a rogue when one technical problem was solved. Yeah. And coffee is also really bad with no alcohol in the heat

Script: The Importance of Birthday in Ayurveda

The whole life cycle of a human being is renewed once a year on the birthday when the Sun crosses its starting point. Birthday always marks the beginning of a new astrological Varshaphal era. The exact locations of all planets at the time when the Sun crosses its birthplace will tell at least 25-35 percent of the entire life course in the coming year. Birthday is a holiday in the Vedic tradition. Then one should be sanctified for purification and experiencing higher states of consciousness. It is a good idea to arrange special yagyas, the Planetary Atonement, on the birthday. The most common yagya is a cake ceremony familiar to at least TM circles. The name sounds more like a swarm of silk, but according to my experience, man is really close to something very sacred. Well, my birthday is next Monday 24th and the exact moment of the sun crossing will be counted before Monday. I’m going to pause all my worries and on Monday I will go to my parents to eat. I like other festive occasions if you come up with insights and what and how.

Do the big eagles fly high or vice versa?

The people who always want to stand out from the crowds and walk their own paths are happy to say that the big eagles are flying high, meaning that they are already well-developed souls, no hallucinations. Well, many socially advanced souls who enjoy being in a group consider their membership in a group (s) a natural thing. I advocate the idea that belonging or not belonging to a group does not tell so much about the degree of human development. Even the most advanced people are individuals, and the quality of individuality at birth is determined astrologically. Some individuality gloom to work well in a group and others individuality gloom to lead one-man projects. Well, I personally have quite a bit of social disability, so much so that I have to run projects that don’t have the helper. I mean going my own way in astrology and ayurveda as well as in my own computer project. There would be a lot of bosses and commanders stifling my creative enthusiasm if I happened to live in Helsinki, for example. Yeah, for once, being alone or cannot often tell the degree of human development.

about Indian astrology

A couple of hours ago, a small disagreement began with one Indian boy in a computer mommy. Then there was restless rest, but I tried to calm down with pulse relaxation and meditation in succession. Neither helped the “flea compare” to the evil and the Indian boy, eo, has not yet got the computer task we have agreed. At such moments, it sometimes comes to mind spontaneously that “Now is Mars tithi going?” . Well I immediately look at the computer and HELLO HELLO: Now is really Mars tithi called trayodashi started today on Friday at. 13-14 Finnish time. And it ends on Saturday tomorrow at noon. Yeah, yes astrology ls true !!

Another article about Indian astrology

Dear people. I’ve had many days of convalescence computer work overload out of the clutches. Well, I do all the time machine a little further beaten them the most important things, and believe me there in my project. Just got a really good surprise with my money, so there are worries on the front. According to Indian Jyotish astrologers, I have a very good year in my promise, starting this year’s Midsummer’s Birthday. It is a Varshaphal interpretation from birth to birthday. For the previous year, money and public reputation were projected in daylight-day patterns. There will be money, love and professional success for the coming year. Yeah

2 small Ayurvedic patterns related to each other

Hey people. In my previous text I wrote about balancing doshas with fruits. Well, in February-April, it’s just going to be Kapha-time, when people who are sensitive to the hoe are easily bored and lazy. Always tired and at least nose blocked. One plus one is two, so on the apple you get Kapha away as long as you don’t eat the apple too cool. Ginger powder for warm water drink is complemented by the above. And other spice-giving spices may be used.

How do you balance your doshas with fruit? Vata is reduced by banana, orange and other citrus fruits. Pitta with Sweet fruits in general, such as eg grapes.Covers sweet fruits, apples and pears. Kapha is lowered by apples, pears.

organic massage

Hey people.  I recently told you that cold-pressed sesame oil with a price / quality ratio is the best for Ayurvedic massage. Well now I have tested, completely different relax treble: Finnish preparations Sofiina- massage oil with jojoba and aloe vera ingredients absorbed into the muscle, like sesame oil. The cost of the savings package is EUR 24 per liter; not bad. The best thing is comfort, because sofina is water-soluble and therefore does not bite. One Ayurvedic novice man heard with lottery sesame oil in such a brisk way that he came down to 10,000 euros when the landlord had to renew the bathroom walls. Another warrior is peat, which would otherwise be my first choice. THERE IS SOFINE DO NOT MOUNT THE BATHROOM WALL, because it is water-soluble. And then about the relaxation effect. As a man, I immediately went from bottom to bottom. The first feeling was deep relaxation. Next came the body’s counter-reaction, that is, a burning pressure (It just showed that it should have been done even with some caution) Well, the outcome of the next few days was very positive. Light relaxation in the members lasted for another week. RECOMMENDS SOFIN, as long as you lubricate only a part of the croup for the next test, so that there is no counter-reaction. Such counter reactions are also normal for sesame oil and other unreasonable users.

Written on 14.7.2019

You can get a record today in the number of visitors to my website. already at noon Finns visitors was 600, so a thousand Finnish border of broken briskly. Russians are always the most and the Germans and Yankees after that. So a really great day today !!

I offered my lessons

that is, a science page on one of the top universities’ websites. They said that my text is non-social and not suited to their academic perfection. Well not with those words. In Ayurveda, health includes 6 sub-areas: 1) physical health 2) psychic-emotional 3) human 4) environmental (pollution eg) 5) social or human relationships, and 6) highest introduction. The stumbling block of the Finnish people is that social side. There are still people like that. When a normal Finn starts some food according to an alternative therapy, he may be enthusiastic about the fact that all life is full of that doctrine and that otherwise the eaters get a “scream”. Oh no. Well this is not the case for everyone, but how many Ayurvedic enthusiasts have missed the village invitation, except when the hostess in despair thinks “what would it offer now when it comes to diet”? And the village invitations that begin are reduced. Yeah. such Saturday thoughts

Are Finns greedy for money?

I provided science pages for this website as backlinks to both 500 Finnish industry sites and as many foreign sites. Well, most of those who received the request did not respond to me at all. Generally speaking, those few foreign defendants all seemed to have a good understanding of what I was doing; that is why, especially with regard to foreign countries, my activities are entirely ideological. No cash is expected. Approximately ten Finnish respondents were quite “working”, that is, completely out of the question. One responded: “We do not trade commercially”. Well, it was understandable somehow, but everyone else woke up with a terrible greed. Not a word told me what my text was like. Briefly and succinctly, in almost the same words, they wrote, “Yeah, that link costs us $ 1500, heh heh”. The above was one of the nation’s top technology publications. Heh heh came very emphatically. Well another responder was a smaller scale organic business owner that sells natural products and also organizes treatments. They came up laconically with “$ 100 per link, thank you” and nothing else. Only from the above words. No Finns bragged about my project or flattered me at all. There was no other formal courtesy. Well, once again, all foreigners were better at basic social skills.

The purpose of life

is to grow happiness. Many philosophers use various descriptions of the purpose for which man is developing. They are all right in their own ways. That one and the right cannot be put into one word. The word happiness is especially foreign to the Finnish folk character, so let us use it especially here, so that an over-the-top sadist can hear a different word from the mainstream of the information flood. Once again, just one word, happiness, is not enough to describe the whole truth, but for good reason Maharishi Mahesh Yogi launched it as his own “trademark”. There was a man on the last with a sense of humor, the true ones couldn’t keep up with him. But, of course, not all the advanced men need to cultivate a great deal of humor. All remain individuals despite the progress.

The two basic steps of development are rest and action, at least according to Maharish. The more sophisticated and refined the action, the more advanced it becomes. I’ll pass a closer examination of what it is to bring a “more refined” activities, because I have enough time, angering many people who are beginning to mind to conclude based on my own characterizations its degree of development. Rest is a tricky place for many people when stress and rush get in the way. But the fact is, rest is a must. Nothing helps, even if there is a “million” things to do. for the poor person the situation is the most difficult and for the kaphha the easiest. vata is joking and grooming, so meditation is the number one thing, for example. Kapha, on the other hand, is calm and peaceful in most tough places (unless you happen to be disturbed by Kapha, who mostly resides in hospitals). Well, beyond this, my intentions today do not extend. Happy Wednesday everyone

Do dissidents have to “tease” or not?

From time to time I also post to my so-called general groups in Kuopio. So FB Kuopio and I love Kuopio. I don’t always know if I should or not. Those groups include all kinds of people; therefore also the opponents of alternative therapies. The general rule in Ayurveda is that you should not unnecessarily upset the mood of dissidents. Well the ratio has been roughly such that those groups become 3-5 likes for one lemon tart image. Missing that number of likes justifies injecting material there. Maybe those lemons will dilute with time ???

Good morning Saturday.

Saturday days are dominated by the true and serious Saturn planet. It is fundamentally basic, highlighting the troublesome aspects of vatadosha. For some people, the best way to spend a Saturday is your ascension, or total retreat and relaxation. For some, Saturday marks the compulsory completion of even tedious tasks by drilling. Drilling is one possible manifestation of Saturn. Humorous people do NOT favor Saturday. Best to leave the jokes down. Otherwise, misunderstandings may come. Yeah. today i have your full ass

Do we need love in working life?

Emotions are a deeper reality than intelligence, says an Indian Guru. And the feeling of love is the deepest of the emotions, at least I claim. In both online and ayurvedic working life and in my previous work as a school teacher, it often took me a while before a relationship with someone (eg, a supervisor) began. There were always problems until a deep and lasting sense of love with that person was born. Some say they keep their jobs separate from their emotional life, but I think they have that attitude over the long haul. Particularly nowadays in the online world of work, I find that an employment relationship is susceptible to disputes and disagreements until the feeling of love in both directions has stabilized. And once that feeling of love has been formed, there is no longer any controversy in my experience. If I am dealing especially with the very young, they are at first very much confused with my sentimental way I approach them. They feel very foreign to “surrender” to the exchange of emotions. But once the emotional exchange has finally begun, it won’t take long for the lasting feeling of love to flourish. Naturally, with women, it is easier to achieve a feeling of love than men.

A writing about Vedic architecture


Organic Treasure
Organic Stapathyavedic house

The Vedic architecture tells us the means to build homes and cities in harmony with nature. First, the city’s general formula must be aligned with the cardinal directions, and the streets and apartments will also be on the same line. The main entrance to the apartment must be East or north. The east is the best because the sun rises from the east. In the apartment house you will decide the direction of the house front door. If you live in a house with a south-facing entrance, special measures are needed to make the problem easier. However, the best thing is to change the apartment. There are also rules in which part of the House what room must be located. E.g. Dining room in the south, making the digestion more efficient. There are also rules in which direction is good for your head to show when sitting or standing. If you are sitting towards the east or north, be it good. It is claimed that the brain has sensitive receptors to air directions. But when you sleep, a surprise surprise is pointing towards the south. So it is good to sleep in bed, which is set on the main side towards the south as accurately as possible. The presence of the waterways has a major impact on the housing facilities. There are many rules in this area, but I do not remember them. The building material must be organic. At the moment, the industry experts are building wooden houses.

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