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I am a 58-year-old, retired master of philosophy FK/physicist/specialized in medical electronics, a “life artist Savolainen humorist”, who received the training of physicists. My younger life was sometimes quite difficult, but in the last few years I have learned to enjoy even the “horrible” cheerful verbal lystin hold. I’m a word-ready media-oriented “Vata” persona.

Transcendental Meditation is the “basic salt” of my life. I learned to meditate in 1982 and it opened my consciousness among others. Ayurvedic and Indian Astrology. The Ayurvedic consultant I attended in 2017. I make both Ayurvedic and astrological consultations against payment whenever someone gets interested. Vedapulse has been a helper since the summer of 2018. Vedapulse is ideal for professional use as well as for home use. In home use it can monitor the daily development of their state of health and thus learn to feel better.

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Organic Treasure
Organic Stapathyavedatalo

The Vedic architecture tells us the means to build homes and cities in harmony with nature. First, the city’s general formula must be aligned with the cardinal directions, and the streets and apartments will also be on the same line. The main entrance to the apartment must be East or north. The east is the best because the sun rises from the east. In the apartment house you will decide the direction of the house front door. If you live in a house with a south-facing entrance, special measures are needed to make the problem easier. However, the best thing is to change the apartment.

There are also rules in which part of the House what room must be located. E.g. Dining room in the south, making the digestion more efficient. There are also rules in which direction is good for your head to show when sitting or standing. If you are sitting towards the east or north, be it good. It is claimed that the brain has sensitive receptors to air directions. But when you sleep, a surprise surprise is pointing towards the south. So it is good to sleep in bed, which is set on the main side towards the south as accurately as possible. The presence of the waterways has a major impact on the housing facilities. There are many rules in this area, but I do not remember them. The building material must be organic. At the moment, the industry experts are building wooden houses.

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