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People are different. Really !!. Vedic astrology

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In the light of Vedic astrology:

Not everyone understands this fact. The Ayurvedic master may fall into over-generalization as he twists the three doshas back and forth. Only Vedic astrology contains a sufficient number of basic human types. There are 8 planets and 12 rooms. When all the possible combinations are calculated, there are many different astrological birth charts. It is said that some Indian libraries have compiled character interpretations of all possible birth charts. May have opus thickness !!

This was discussed with a friend of Helsinki, Vesa. After all, he tends to write down on a piece of paper almost every possible thing that comes up. Again, for my part, I never really take any notes. It was stated with Vesa that there is at least one fundamental difference in our astrological charts.

There was talk of room 10. I told you that Saturn in the tenth room makes a man late: he always arrives a quarter of an hour late. Meanwhile, Mercury in my tenth room puts me always ahead of schedule. One yoga teacher (Sa in the tenth room) and I once held a joint course. When we were supposed to go out to meet the Kurds together, I was already half an hour nervous about “starting to come”. This teacher was still asleep in sleep and agreed to wake up to five over and over, “well no hurry, it’s just 10 degrees Celsius, yes they can still wait”. that nothing.

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