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School medicine is accurate? – satire

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After all, school medicine is accurate at least? Or is it? a satire

This is a true story, which is why the protagonist wants to remain anonymous: Claim: School Medicine Is Exact and Accurate?
Well, Mr X had an earache, but the ear doctor couldn’t find a problem with his ear. Mr. x went to the dentist. The dentist patched the hole he found and said the ear pain was due to this hole. This dentist also said that dental problems often translate into ear pain.

Mr X’s ear pain did not heal. He went to another dentist. A new dentist found a faulty bite. Said that bite problems usually reflect up to ear pain. The doctor repaired the bite and said Mr X was now healing soon.
But Mr X’s ear pain did not ease. He went to a top specialist in throat. The throat doctor found a problem on the back of his tongue, which he said often manifests as ear pain. Said the problem was inflammation, which heals itself within a couple of weeks. Now Lord X is waiting and wondering if he still needs another specialist to look at his trouble? And so this was a very fresh true story.


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