The dosha theory of ayurveda

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yoga and ayurveda are forms of alternative medicine3 doshas vata, Pitta and Kapha control all functions of the body

dosha theory:

This is the most well-known theory. It is based on the fact that the mind-body operators control the intangible transformation into the material creation process. They themselves are still on the intangible side, but are essentially in the intangible field. They thus control the connection of mind and body. Vatadosha controls all movement, such as signaling in the nervous system, blood circulation, food flow in the gut, etc. Pittadosha controls digestion and metabolism and heat production, etc. Kaphadosha controls structure and tissue formation. For every human being, one of the three doshas is dominant.

Some have up to 2 dominant dosha or aniharva all 3 are dominant. The dominant dosha determines the human body type, which is preferable to the character type because it can change slowly with age. Each dosha can be “malignant” or out of balance or “benign” or balanced. For example, a balanced vatadosha makes a person happy, but an unbalanced vatadosha reverses this attribute, meaning that a person becomes very joyful. It can be said that the qualities of a balanced and malignant dosha are largely the opposite of each other. Vata is the most important of doshi. If the vata goes out of balance, the others will sooner or later follow. Dosh is balanced with all Ayurvedic therapies, but in my opinion, the removal of ama should begin first, and the balancing of the doshi should only begin after the removal of ama. The dosha balances of states of individual doshas can be measured from wrist heart beat with fingers (the traditional way) or with Vedapulse system in modern way.

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