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The history of Ayurveda shortly

It is a thousands of years old doctrine on organic holistic health care and disease prevention. Nobody knows how long ago this information was created, but 3000 years ago it was recorded on paper (or similar writing instruments) in India. The first and greatest setback for ayurveda came during British colonial rule. British hosts are cruelly and systematically trying to root out all doctrine in India and replace it with their own medical doctrines of colonial hosts. Knowledge remained in its best form in some of the families who had lived in isolation. The information was mostly handed down from father to son because colonists prevented any other flow of information. It can be said that even in modern India, Ayurveda is very diverse and of varying degrees. Quite a few “clinics” work so poorly that a Western tourist who becomes a client gets out of treatment as sick as when they go there. In recent years, quality certifications have been developed to help the tourist choose the best treatment possible. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi systematically contacted the Indian tribes in the 50s and 60s where the information had remained purest. Together, they developed a great deal of knowledge, especially about the little changes needed in treatments to make them suitable for the urban rush. Maharishi Ayurveda has been the subject of very high-quality scientific research at quality universities. The word Maharishi Ayurveda itself is a kind of “quality seal”.

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