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Vedapulse in Finland: ayurveda consultation

Hi! I am physicist, M.Sc. Kari Nokela and I sell vedapulse products in Finland. (qualifier: That photo does not represent me). Vedapulse measures the electrical ECG function of the heart, analyzes and prints a wide variety of health information. The international company is in the background. More information about me through the menu page “I Kari Nokela + blogs”. Pricing information via the menu.

Cardiac ecg Signal

The electrical signals from the heart tell a lot.

The vedapulse consultation is a calm peaceful 5-minute wrist electrical voltage measurement. The voltage is routed through the electrodes and the coupling unit to the computer. This voltage, as a function of time, reflects the electrical activity of the Heart (ECG). From the ECG, the computer calculates spectrum in which the different frequency ranges correspond to Ayurvedic Doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Including The graphs of Chinese medicine, yoga, nutritional advice and energy therapy are calculated from the same ECG.  In calculating the parameters, the “heart Rate Variation” (HRV) method is used: the heart rate of the frequency is a slight change throughout the time, and this slight variation is registered in both the time and frequency levels. (Do you have difficulty understanding? Don’t worry. Measurement is easy and understandable in practice.)

How reliable is Vedapulse’s ayurvedic dosha measurement? (Doshas have been traditionally measured by feeling the pulse of the wrist with fingers). According to studies in 85% of cases both methods give similar output. Why not 100%? Difficult to say. The traditional way may also be unreliable. More thorough research is needed.

In Finland: Quote from Katin kauneuskulman vedapulse page:

The Vedapulse meter indicates the current Ayurvedic state of the person being measured; The balance of the Vata, Pitta and Kapha balance, the equilibrium of the body’s energy centers, the stress status of the body, the balance of the different elements and meridians, and the function of the parts of the body. Based on the measurement results, the program provides guidance on lifestyle, food and spices to help balance the body’s condition.

Pulse reading has been one of the most important methods of diagnosing Oriental medicine throughout the ages. The measurement combines Western technology with Oriental Medicine.
Scientists have developed an ECG-based medical measuring device from Asian medicine and cardiography expert Prof. Under the direction of Oleg Soroki. The diagnosis is made from the pulse and cardiac curve measured from both wrists. The measurement corresponds to the Ayurvedic pulse reading.

You will get instructions and lecture results and instructions to beat the balance.

Can it get an electric shock?

During the measurement, electricity travels from the heart through the wrists to the electronic switching unit and, through it, to the computer. Not in the other direction. If your computer would have a bad technical defect, it could not cause a higher battery voltage. The computer operates at a voltage of 5 volts.

Next is a series of sample prints from the energy nurse needs.

When you click on the image, you will be able to visit the international website more thoroughly:

Chakra Energy healer Vedapulse

7 main Chakras for energy healer.

Vedapulse prints the energy body.

The energy healer benefits from the Human energy field graph. It shows the Different organ weakness modes.

vedapulse Advice for nutritional councelor
Recommended food ingredients. You should eat green marked in the picture.
Ayurveda Doshas vata pitta kapha

         Ayurvedic Doshas 3 Pieces (Vata yellow. Pitta red, Kapha blue). In the illustration. pitta problem.

Meridians by Chinese
Meridians by Chinese
Vedapulse Reflexology

              Foot-bed zones for the zone therapist.

Tibetan Pulse Diagnosis

In ancient Eastern cultures, the determination of health status based on cardiac function was known

food Supplements seller
Picture of the program extension of the additional feed
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